‘Jack’ 1 May, 2014.

1 May

‘Then their eyes were opened and they knew Him…’ LUKE 24:31

He was a militant non-believer, who summed up his worldview with a verse from Lucretius: ‘Had God designed the world, it would not be a world so frail and faulty as we see.’

So Jack turned his attention to academia, excelling in each field he studied. Soon the dons of Oxford took him in as a respected peer and he began to write and teach.

Yet, far beneath the surface, his doubts were taking their toll. He described his mental state with words like ‘misery and hopelessness’. He said, ‘I maintained God did not exist. I was also angry with God for not existing.’ Then two friends, also Oxford dons, J R R Tolkien and H V V Dyson, both devout followers of Christ, urged him to do something he’d surprisingly never done: read the Bible. So he did.

Jack began to wrestle with the claims Christ made, concluding that He was either deluded, deceptive, or the very One He claimed to be, the Son of God.

On the evening of September 19, 1931, Jack and his two friends took a long walk through the Oxford campus. They talked late into the night. And Jack, C S ‘Jack’ Lewis, would later recall a rush of wind that caused the first leaf to fall-a sudden breeze, which possibly came to symbolise for him the Holy Spirit.

Soon after that night, Lewis became a believer. The change revolutionised his world and consequently the worlds of millions of readers. Could it be this simple?

Could the chasm between doubt and faith be spanned with Scripture and Christian fellowship? Why don’t you come to Christ and find out for yourself?


Acts 6-7; 
Mark 6:14-29; 
Ps 37:1-7;
Pr 11:1-2;


This is your morning dew. You shall Succeed IJN!


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